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Reduces Killstreak bug
27.12.2016, 17:41
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Reduces Killstreak bug
Bug Description: Bug with drop Killstreak
What does the bug do?:Reduces killstreak more than before ( i mean more than a few days ago)
Explain how that bug affect the server: Well since maybay one or two week propably all know that we have system which reduces ur killstreak if u play as zombie and u stop play and u stay near zombie's spawn.If u have for example 50 killstreak and if u will play on next round as zombie and u will stay in zombie's spawn u will get statement that ur killstreak will be reduced.Its ok and it was working good.But i observed since a few days that sometimes u dont get statement and ur killstreak can be reduced even about 30 kills ! For example yesterday i had 54 killstreak.I played as zombie and suddenly i had 24 killstreak.In my opinion its no normall that u can lose 30 kills in only one round......
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug: i didnt take screenshoot but i hope u believe me Cool
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27.12.2016, 20:09
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RE: Reduces Killstreak bug
Same thing happend to me yesterday when I had a 60ks obviously can only use crap low xp classes so I decided I stay in the spawn instead of attacking 20 VIP players and once the round was over it was at like 20 that's pretty drastic. I feel that 10% would be a good fine for like every 5 minutes you spend in the zombie spawn doing nothing. Or that it can only go down to a certain limit and only starts affecting once you reach a certain amount of kills like 50 or 100 for example.

You guys already balanced the killstreak bonus xp made it half what it used to be there is not really a need to have it this quickly reducing once you stay in the zombie spawn.

This makes it harder for new players to gain xp which is what you guys wanted to prevent with resetting the score...

In my opinion it's not needed at all to reduce killstreaks. People who want to kill humans will go out of the zombiespawn no matter what since deaths are not counted anymore you got a balanced and well working gamemode now. But to reach classes like Adv. Hero and Human queen again you need high killstreaks or VIP that's just how it is.

Now what if you are outside the zombie spawn does it still go down if you are not killing anybody ?

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: 493ks.png]
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29.12.2016, 14:46
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RE: Reduces Killstreak bug
Your killstreaks has fallen due to lack of fury!
24kills wtf
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02.01.2017, 16:19
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RE: Reduces Killstreak bug
I want only add that this script doesnt work good because i tried to test and when i was a zombie i moved from zombie's spawn and try kill humans.I failed kill any human but i didnt stay in spawn.And of course i lost 30 kills.....In my opinion this script should be turn off because if new player needs earn exp he can stay with 20 ks in spawn and will be ok.Some experience players with 20ks will attack humans because 20 ks is not too much for these players.If someone have 100ks in my opinion is a normall that he will try safe his achievement and earn more exp
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03.01.2017, 01:33
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RE: Reduces Killstreak bug
Players with less than 25 ks will not be reduced by killstreaks system.
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