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First Suspect report
28.12.2016, 06:20 (This post was last modified: 28.12.2016 06:26 by NecroGrunt.)
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First Suspect report
Player you are reporting:Sylarrii and [OP]Lucas_Salazar
Date of incident:today
Time of incident:today
Your Ingame name:Marine
Other witnesses involved:none
Rule broken: SC
How was this rule broken: they wait for zombie to go out in spawn or waiting for evac because no admin online 2 runner was SC
Evidence to support your claim:http://i68.tinypic.com/a3dxc9.jpg

Check if something missing because my forum account in my tablet and u see who SC

Just I will In the server im now high exp you will never see me who i am im now high exp just im never quick fools no more team
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28.12.2016, 07:14
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RE: First Suspect report
Should have pressed f8 ingame to save a screenshot in your samp folder. I wasn't spawn camping I was right next to the evac place blame the mapper for putting the evac point near the zombie spawn.

I killed 1 zombie near there and that zombie was running towards me and attacking me otherwise I would not have shot him also the only 3 zombies online were all camping in the spawn doing nothing and the round was halfway through.

Some other guy was blaming me as well for just standing near the evac elevator thing threatening to votekick me those people gotta realize that in order to survive the round and be save you have to reach the evacuation point and I'm certainly not going to wait until the last 60 seconds to try and make it there when all of the zombies are going to block my way.. that's smart playing a thing most people here don't get.

On his picture you see the guy that I Killed near the elevator this KoRn dude he is running and jumping towards me trying to kill me obviously I killed him then and he threatened me etc. then I tried to tell shit and got kiled by a seeker was a great round I gotta say.

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: 493ks.png]
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28.12.2016, 09:16
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RE: First Suspect report
Nice clear photo.
Need more proofs than that.

[Image: RVoI48k.png]
I'm doing a novel series.
Code of Miracles!
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28.12.2016, 10:15
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RE: First Suspect report
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28.12.2016, 12:02
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RE: First Suspect report
No action will be taken,

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