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[PENDING - Poster] the most stupid bug in my opinon at all my life
29.12.2016, 21:51
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the most stupid bug in my opinon at all my life
Bug Description:actually rainbow need fix him i knew some info about internet Lan , MAn ,Wlan and like all know to conect to the server we need Internet protocole (IP adress) but some time the server reject connection from all players and keep some lucky guys have fixed ip ,when i want join the server said lost connection
What does the bug do?:just something called fire players from here
Explain how that bug affect the server:this problem is from server ip maybe auto-change or something i don't know a lot amount of this techno like script i this owners job!!
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug:we don't need someone send me proof via pm ,bandicam error
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