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[CLOSED] [Banned]Rayan
01.01.2017, 01:20 (This post was last modified: 02.01.2017 01:27 by ToXi.)
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Player Name: Rayan
Date and Time: 18/12/2016 16:55 //
Banned by [df], DA_HaTer
Ban Reason: AB AIM
explanation of what happened: With a heavy heart bulem appeal once again, you know ♠ ℌ ∂ ₮ ⅇ℟ ♠ very badly done, that one day is just to get out from behind the wall, but I swear to you on wszysto did it only once, to exit behind a wall. within a few days to Christmas and I would ask for your understanding and see that it admitted the mistake that I did. I know that for your mistakes you have to suffer I suffer very much. Please bear with us and poprzysiakne that never never use it to leave just ask for a killa. Please unblock me a few days that are holidays and realized his mistake. AIMA did not use ever
screen-shot ban:
Please UNBAN me in the new year has changed, m and please give me a chance PLEASE
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01.01.2017, 01:27 (This post was last modified: 01.01.2017 01:27 by Deividt.)
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RE: [Banned]Rayan
Ban this guy -_- you spent all of your chances

[Image: macka-na-ledjima-djeteta.gif]
I lofiu (°J°) <3 <3 <3
PD: Die to pacman!!! >:u
PD2: idk what to put :'u
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01.01.2017, 03:24
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RE: [Banned]Rayan
You've been banned on both server and you've had about 3 chances before when the ban was only temporary.

Now, either you don't know what we are talking about or you just don't think we take it serious. If you don't understand English, suppose you can tell me your language and I'll try to help you.

Pending on player's reply.

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01.01.2017, 15:52
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RE: [Banned]Rayan
Casino take me seriously, understand that it hurts me what I did, but I went to their senses and confessed. I want to be unlocked LAST TIME, everything has been removed from the GTA. I love you server and I will fight for unban. Happy New Years
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02.01.2017, 01:27
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RE: [Banned]Rayan
We gave you chances before to change yourself, but you still hacking, what's the meaning of have a clean folder, if once you get unbanned you will re-install hacks

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