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[RESOLVED] Reporting [V]Universe for Abusing Commands.
02.01.2017, 12:04
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RE: Reporting [V]Universe for Abusing Commands.
(02.01.2017 11:30)Universe Wrote:  
(02.01.2017 11:23)[ES]Lord Wrote:  [quote='Universe' pid='128008' dateline='1483352539']


(02.01.2017 11:23)[ES]Lord Wrote:  [quote='Universe' pid='128008' dateline='1483352539']
Those proofs are 1 and half week ago
This guy is clearly targeting me.

If those proofs are 1 and a half week ago, It can still be used as proof

And about that 'This guy is clearly targetting me, Why did you even report against me? I

I reported you because, you used 1.5 weeks ago proofs and banned me after that.
And listen, I was on the road on A51 map. It wasn't in the red zone. Check where I am before warning. and in RC Zero I was just outside the red zone. Which is not SC. I have already seen those pictures so I know where the red zones are. You clearly are targeting me and banning me for old proofs.
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02.01.2017, 12:25
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RE: Reporting [V]Universe for Abusing Commands.
Well 2 hours of Ban isn't a big deal, Universe shown us proofs related on this case, and That's enough in Managment Team eyes to take no action against him,
-Therefore No action will be taken, i hope we will not see fights between staff and players in the future.

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