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[RESOLVED] AFK to avoid
02.01.2017, 13:28
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AFK to avoid
Player you are reporting: IceWizard
Date of incident: Today
Time of incident: 3:11 P.M (GMT+7)

Your Ingame name: -[dF]Neon
Other witnesses involved: [[[The.Zero]]]

Rule broken: No AFK avoid attack;
How was this rule broken?: he is stay next to me and my friend, The Zero going to kill him and he is don't want to die, do some trick , press esc in few second to avoid died.

Evidence to support your claim:
[Image: eNaXrPX.png]
[Image: 1vEnK7O.png]
[Image: U6SQfuT.png]
Other notes: My face rainbow (*J*)

[Image: 9xyV3xZ.png]
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02.01.2017, 13:36
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RE: AFK to avoid
The player will face 10 hours of ban, thanks for the report...

[Image: 40UxKSy.png]
[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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