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[DENIED] Insult and flood
03.01.2017, 14:43 (This post was last modified: 04.01.2017 07:04 by ToXi.)
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Insult and flood
Player Name: [SekC]Necromarine
Date & Time: today
Banned by: -[V]lemon
Ban reason: -BE Flood insult
Explanation of what happened: will but im not BE i unban 2 hours but i insult nub i dont like it say cry making me sick and i insult caps and flood i was joke nub saying me cry i dont like bullyin nubs and i cant control my self to someone bullying
Screen-Shot of Ban:
Screen-Shot of GTA-SA Directory: - clean only hacl

Sorry manager another appeal because bullying cannot control my self check something missing

Just I will In the server im now high exp you will never see me who i am im now high exp just im never quick fools no more team
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03.01.2017, 14:55 (This post was last modified: 03.01.2017 14:56 by DeathStoke7.)
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RE: Insult and flood
Sorry for replying here but:

You said: "I dont care about my ban" me and lemon have proofs about you when you ban evading and made another account just for do it, and why "You don't care" about your ban and you made an appeal now?

Spoiler :
[Image: QW6wlAw.png]
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03.01.2017, 14:58 (This post was last modified: 03.01.2017 15:02 by LemoN.)
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RE: Insult and flood
Sorry, i cant understand your broken English, now explain this :
Spoiler :
1 - First, you had got muted by me due to your bad behaviour:[Image: image.png]
2 - Second, you have evaded the mute:
[Image: 2_2.jpg]
3 - Third, you have evaded the mute AGAIN, and i've banned you for that:
[Image: image.png]
4 - Fourfh, you have evaded the ban, and you've started flooding and insulting players on chat:
[Image: image.png]
5 - Fifth, you have flooded AGAIN:
[Image: image.png]
6 - Sixth, just to prove that the player were you:
[Image: sa_mp_511.png]

I can also tag here all the players you've insulted if you want.
Have a nice day Smile

[Image: svo01i.gif]
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03.01.2017, 15:08 (This post was last modified: 03.01.2017 19:19 by Heisenberg_.)
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RE: Insult and flood
You screwed up when you evaded your ban just to insult again and spam, appeal in 14 days. (17/01/2017)
EDIT: Universe showed me some proofs of you insulting and spamming even before this ban. Your ban length has been extended to 14 days.


[Image: 57822c19e1ad1.png]
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