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[ACCEPTED] Alber6 insults
04.01.2017, 02:06
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Alber6 insults
Player you are reporting: [OOC]SexyAlbert6
Date of incident: Today
Time of incident: Today
Your Ingame name: .Beerus.
Other witnesses involved:[OOC]Bellota,[OOC]Alcatonito and maybe other OOC members
Rule broken: Profanity/Insults
How was this rule broken?: He wanted to know if I was adm, looking my stats and asking "Beerus admin", I said no and then he started to insult me... pathetic
Evidence to support your claim:
[Image: Xzct2cp.jpg]
[Image: fMg7adh.jpg]

That I retired on my own, he tought I got fired...
Then he started: "Mmmm Can I tell you something, that I always wanted to tell you ?" "Bitch" "idk the meaning of "Puto", still insult..."Gay" Slasher

Then I said I can still reporting for this and he said "So ?"

[Image: 5zQo6el.jpg]

Other notes: [OOC]Alcatonito was there, sooo... it seems you CAN'T report your own clan kids or maybe you don't want to, wow. that shows this place still the same, with the same immature players


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04.01.2017, 05:24
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RE: Alber6 insults
The User [OOC]SexyAlbert6 will be temporary banned for 5 hours , he is an old player here , he should know the rules.
closed & archived.

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