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04.01.2017, 04:59 (This post was last modified: 05.01.2017 04:24 by Shadow_Noob.)
Post: #1
Hai :D
- What is your In-game Name: [OOC]DeadStar_.
- Country: Colombia
- Age: 14
- Rate of your activity (1-10): idk maybe 7
- Since when you are member here?: Today :3
- Who are the OOC Owners: LittleCat And Kora
- Name at least 5 OOC members: Cat,Kira,GoodLuck,Cafe and Umbrella
- Who are the founder of OOC? Cat
- Tell us some OOC rules: -Dont insult
-Dont ask for xp
-Dont use hacks, Etc...

- Have you ever been banned before? If so, Explain why: Yes Blocking to help a friend by Dexter
- Why do you want to Become an OOC Member? (50 words min.): I want to join to OOC Because Cat recomended me this gang, i hope that have good and mature friends, i want to be one pro more in this gang.
I know some pros like may be Herzog in OOC And i hope that accept me cuz im a noob Sad

- Why should we accept you?: Idk, Cuz im pro :3 (Okno)
-Post a screenshot of your game stats:
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04.01.2017, 05:08
Post: #2
RE: Hai :D
I'll give you my support for these reasons:

nice app+

wait for other votes.
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04.01.2017, 06:26 (This post was last modified: 04.01.2017 06:36 by Shadow_Noob.)
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RE: Hai :D
Edited* (Only [OOC] members).
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04.01.2017, 13:33
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RE: Hai :D
Nice Activity
Nice Player.

[Image: fgXuBnX.png]

[Image: Pqyjz7F.gif]

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04.01.2017, 21:25
Post: #5
RE: Hai :D
Well, My Votes:
+1 Why? Because you're my Friend, I know you, you are mature, friendly, helper, and more!


Sadness covered in happiness
[Image: giphy-downsized-large.gif]
honesty full of lies
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05.01.2017, 04:21
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RE: Hai :D
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