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[CLOSED] [Banned] Rayan
04.01.2017, 14:04 (This post was last modified: 04.01.2017 20:44 by ToXi.)
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[Banned] Rayan
Player Name: Rayan
Date and Time: 18/12/2016 16:55 //
Banned by [df], DA_HaTer
Ban Reason: AB AIM
explanation of what happened: With a heavy heart bulem appeal once again, you know ♠ ℌ ∂ ₮ ⅇ℟ ♠ very badly done, that one day is just to get out from behind the wall, but I swear to you on wszysto it only once, to marry wall. within a few days to Christmas and I would ask for your understanding and see that it admitted the mistake that I did. I know that for your mistakes you have to suffer I suffer very much. Please bear with us and poprzysiakne who never use it to leave just ask for a killa. Please unblock me a few days, which are days and realized his mistake. I will fight for unban because I want to go back to my account, I get me that I was sincerely sorry and I'm fighting for unbaba. PLEASE
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04.01.2017, 14:33
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RE: [Banned] Rayan

Maybe I didn't make this clear on your last ban appeal, re-appeal in 2 months. If you are caught ban evading or making another ban appeal before 2 month, you won't be unbanned and the ban will be extended.

You were banned on 18 December 2016, make another ban appeal at 18 February 2016. And stop creating ban appeals!

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04.01.2017, 15:10
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RE: [Banned] Rayan

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[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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