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Killstreak XP
09.01.2017, 19:50 (This post was last modified: 09.01.2017 19:51 by Puma.)
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Killstreak XP
Suggestion for In game or Forum: In game.
Suggestion: change in killstreak XP, for example when you reach 5th killstreak u get 25 xp if u reach 10th killstreak u get 50 xp. It goes on, just use this formula 5*n where n=your number of kills you have made so far.
Why this Should be Added: because there is no real value of killstreak xp it's too low
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09.01.2017, 19:59
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RE: Killstreak XP
-1 rainbow already say no change for ks we have another suggestion but he get denied for double KS like 5ks = 10 xp
about 10ks = 50xp you lost your mind or you deleted your momeried like a hobo
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09.01.2017, 20:33
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RE: Killstreak XP
Check this
Before the sv was as it

The sv changed, so, I created the suggestion and has been support for all player here, but xaker said:

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11.01.2017, 06:09
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RE: Killstreak XP
Rainbow has denied it on another thread.
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01.02.2017, 09:02
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RE: Killstreak XP
no good

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02.02.2017, 02:28
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RE: Killstreak XP
This suggestion...
Already got deniend in the past,i guess Rainbow will denied this suggestion,but...
You will get my support if you change that 10kills=50xp...that's too OP,it could be better 10kills=15xp

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