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[ACCEPTED] Reporting [TWD]Daryl for Insulting
11.01.2017, 19:32 (This post was last modified: 11.01.2017 21:24 by Desert_Eagle.)
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Reporting [TWD]Daryl for Insulting
Player you are reporting: [TWD]Daryl
Date of incident: Today
Time of incident: Today
Your Ingame name: [dF]Desert_Eagle
Other witnesses involved: Players
Rule broken:
Quote:Don't insult other players.
How was this rule broken?: Insults.
Evidence to support your claim: Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2
Other notes: --
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13.01.2017, 05:31
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RE: Reporting [TWD]Daryl for Insulting
the user [TWD]Daryl will be temporary banned for 5 hours , heavy insults.

[Image: tumblr_nj2rghaQVT1tdxlh1o1_500.gif]
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