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26.08.2017, 15:21 (This post was last modified: 02.11.2017 23:02 by Rainbow.)
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1. Hacking
Use of any kind of Hacking to disturb the server tranquility is prohibited.
Punishment: Permanent Ban

2. Illegal Modification
Modifying GTA SA folder to gain extra advantage over other is prohibited.
Example: Ped.ifp, Infinity run and others.
Exceptions are Texture mods
Punishment: Permanent Ban.
2.a - Animation Mods are considered as Illegal Modification
Punishment: I. More then 5k XP Player - 1-10Day Temp Ban to Permanent Ban
II. Less than 5k XP Player - Kick to 5Day Temp Ban
Note: If player didn't remove even after Temp Ban then Permanently Ban him.

3. Illegal Programs
Use of Illegal programs which violate SAMP working/Policy Example: DDOS, Exploits, Crashers etc....
Punishment: Permanent Ban

4. Account Hacking
We are not responsible for your account. Use Alphanumeric and special character in password to keep it safe and secure.

5. Account Sharing, Selling and Purchasing
Account sharing, selling and purchasing is prohibited.
Punishment: Permanent Ban

6. Flooding, Spamming, Insulting, Advertising
Flooding, Spamming, Insulting, Advertising is prohibited.
Punishment: I. Flood, Spam, Insult - Warning to Temp Ban
II. Advertising - Permanent Ban

7. In-proper Name
Use of In-Appropriate, Abusive, Double Meaning, Provoking Names are prohibited. Numeric or alphanumeric names are allowed like 143234 and so on.
Punishment: Kick to Permanent Ban

8. No-Proof, No -refund
There will be no refund if you failed provide valid proof. Refund will be given if you lost something just because of Server not because of player.
Example: Server Update
I. Scamming: Scammer will be permanently banned to avoid such incident in future . But there will be no refund.
II. Gang Pot Withdrawal: We dont entertain such issues. Manage your gang rank wisely.
III. Betting in Duel: We dont entertain such cases. It just your mutual understanding.

9. Illegal Means
Don't lie/trick/blackmail others to get any profit.
Punishment: Temp Ban to Permanent Ban

10. Bug Abuse
You are not allowed to abuse Map/Character/Any-other GTA or SAMP bug to gain benefit.
Punishment: Temp Ban to Permanent Ban and XP Deduction(Depend upon your Level)

11. Human-Zombie Friendship
You are not Allowed to help any Human as Zombie and Vice Versa by anyway.(intentionally).
Punishment: Kick to Temp Ban

12. BHOPing
You are not Allowed to Bunny Hoping near Humans as Kamikaze and Boomer Zombie. Even though you free to BH in human free area.
Punishment: Warn or Kick and Excessive lead to Temp ban

Follow the following rules in-game:
Don't Spawn Kill (Auto Deduction 150XP)
Don't Team Kill (Warn or Kick)
Don't leave map boundaries (Warn or Kick)
Don't abuse bugs (Warn or Kick)
Don't go AFK to avoid attack (Warn/kick to Temp Ban)
Don't ask for XP or Level (Warn + Mute(1-3min))
Don't Use CAPS in main chat (warn to mute(if didn't stop))
If you're disagree with some Staff Member decision make sure to report him on forums in "Staff Complaint" section using the proper format.
Don't explode in the Zombie Spawn Zone (Kamikaze Zombie)(Warn/Kick to Temp Ban)
Don't Spawn Damage(Zombies) (Warn or Kick)
Don't camp near Zombie Spawn Area (Warn or Kick)
Don't abuse Report and always specify valid reason (Warn)
Don't BHOP as Kamikaze and Boomer Zombies near Humans(In Human free Area you can BHOP)(Warn to Tban(Max 5hr))

1. Bunny hoping (Boomer and Kamikaze can't BH while chasing Humans)
2. Multi accounting(For a game, not for EXP laundering.)
3. Zombies can run back to Zombie Spawn point.(Avoid Kamikaze Abuse)
4. Can block EVAC as zombie without Animation and AFK. But can't block the way of your Team Mates.

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