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[DENIED] Tyrone_Ramirez's Reinstatement.
07.10.2017, 12:44
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Tyrone_Ramirez's Reinstatement.
In-Game Name:Tyrone_Ramirez
Country:England, London.
Timezone (GMT):+1

How long ago did you resign from the staff team?:Like two years.

Have you ever been warned or banned in-game? since resigning from the staff team? If so, explain why:Well, I was hacked a very long time ago, the servers security was not the greatest, someone made a new forum account and acted like they was me and got in, I am the real Tyrone as you can see my forum signup was like three and a half years ago.

Have you recently been forum warned or banned? If so, why (last 2 months):Yesterday, spam.

Do you understand that you can be removed from the admin team at anytime with or without notice Could you repeat that?I understand that my if if I do some things wrong I will face the consequences.

Have you ever been reported on the forums or in-game:No.

Why did you choose to resign from the staff team? (50 words min.):http://sampdm.net/showthread.php?tid=9708624, I was asked to re-instate.

Why do you wish to reinstate? (50 word min.):I think that if I could be apart of the admin team again I can offer alot of help, avalible playing five hours a day could make me able to monitor the server alot.

[b]Do you wish to be re-instated as an admin (please only include if you were previously an admin/mod on SAMPDM) Indeed.


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07.10.2017, 13:02
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RE: Tyrone_Ramirez's Reinstatement.
http://sampdm.net/showthread.php?tid=9703847 Read this
Also if you resigned two years ago we had a reset at that time and why you dont have your resignation rank?

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07.10.2017, 13:03 (This post was last modified: 07.10.2017 13:07 by .Nino..)
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RE: Tyrone_Ramirez's Reinstatement.
Temp banned for scamming.
Also, you re-joined the server recently which means you need to have a minimum of experience to handle this rank. The server has changed a lot since you resigned.

Edit: fix the word limit please.

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07.10.2017, 13:14
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RE: Tyrone_Ramirez's Reinstatement.
I did not get any rank, Where can I apply to recieve it?

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07.10.2017, 16:54
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RE: Tyrone_Ramirez's Reinstatement.
Server is changed too much in past 2 years. Please devote time in server, gain min requirement. And re-apply in next opening.

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