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[DENIED] Refund of xp
09.10.2017, 14:38
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Refund of xp
Game Account ID:2688

Additional Info:I was playing the previous night when someone called "[D]anger[R]" give me 26000 of xp,(At that time I had 303.890 or less but not lower than 303,000) but someone told me that xp was illegally obtained and came from a banned player (when he give me xp he was automatically banned) then I got nervous and sent it to a random player (because I did not want to get involved in problems related with xp, Staying with the amount of 295000)(Which I should not have done and apologize for it) after that i receive a ban because the problem with that xp i think is a complicated subject, I lose 8000 of xp, is not much I lost but I was all weekend getting it and that a player come, give you banned XP and involve you in a problem that you had nothing to do is not fair, last and most important thing; ¿I can refund that XP that i lost? (I dind't hide any details about this problem)

Proof: My current stats after the Xp problem: https://imgur.com/a/ucABe
Moment when the player give the xp and he got banned: https://imgur.com/a/Jwfjp
Moment when i give the xp a random player in the server (I didn't take a screenshot in the game, sorry for that): https://imgur.com/a/b25UE

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16.10.2017, 19:19
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RE: Refund of xp
You could contact technical support / managers, before you did it now, and explain the situation, without fear of being banned.
In any case, I think that you have a chance to get your experience back, *in anticipation of higher rank.*
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16.10.2017, 20:52 (This post was last modified: 16.10.2017 21:02 by Pedro_A.)
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RE: Refund of xp
In the post i already explain everything, i didn't hide any details... i think the only detail i forgot to put is the person who tell me that xp was banned but i dont remember his name and he was right anyway but thats it (and this post is related to my ban appeal regarding the banned xp that i receive) (and yes im already unbanned because the ban was temp and i was not involved with that player who was banned by xp farming)

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10.11.2017, 11:50
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RE: Refund of xp
Quote:4. We don't refund any exp (from your gang or your score) which you gave voluntarily.

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