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[ACCEPTED] Suggestion
18.10.2017, 08:05
Post: #11
RE: Suggestion
(18.10.2017 04:49)BlueEyes Wrote:  
(17.10.2017 21:49)HunterZ Wrote:  Wait don't support untill you think clearly, what about small maps they can just block the way wich means you have NO CHANCE to evacuate.

Yeah man. That's what I am thinking about. I will make a list about small maps so that this challenge won't happen in these ones.

Anyway, i support that.
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19.10.2017, 13:20
Post: #12
RE: Suggestion
Lol like zombie orcs. Support it. But it must be in HUGE maps , depends on luck. Beacuse its imp. to evac in small maps , Also it will be boring if it happens always. But anyways its good idea +1

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21.10.2017, 13:37
Post: #13
RE: Suggestion
This will be a good suggestion, the evacuation time will be thrilling.

You shall die with my barehands!
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21.10.2017, 14:08
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RE: Suggestion
Great idea +1 , i suggest this challenge be every five rounds .

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11.11.2017, 20:59 (This post was last modified: 11.11.2017 21:01 by Rainbow.)
Post: #15
RE: Suggestion
I will think.

It's rather accepted. (but it can be denied still)
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