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[DENIED] Zombie Class
31.10.2017, 10:39 (This post was last modified: 03.11.2017 11:21 by HRDarkLord.)
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Zombie Class
Class Type: Zombie
Class Name: Void Lord
Amount of XP needed to use this class: ???( maybe need kill human 1000 times?)
Armour: 0
- cant jump
- cant attack , cant death.
- cant stay in zombie spawn long time
- 1 zombie death give him 1 energy
- if have 15 energy press alt: summon black hole in sky and make all human, zombie take 10 dmg if jump or run but void cant move in time he hold black hole . ( if shoot void , black hole will close)
- if human shoot him he will lost 1 energy.
- only use by 1 people 1 round.
- only use in Galactic Mayhem map (?)
u]Weapons:[/u] punch
Why should it be added?: :v for fun>?
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31.10.2017, 11:38 (This post was last modified: 31.10.2017 11:39 by FransHopper.)
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RE: Zombie Class
Umm, gravity lord? no?
Some maps have walls around 'em, forcing the zombies to jump over the wall if they want to get out of zombie spawn point.

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31.10.2017, 17:53
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RE: Zombie Class
No sense at all, and also this class might be used to save streaks, negative.
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03.11.2017, 09:51
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RE: Zombie Class
This will be too op if zombies being killed beside him then it will be fast to get the energy because whenever zombies being spawn in a second they die just a sec, so it will be too op to this class, so negative from me.

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04.11.2017, 12:45
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RE: Zombie Class
Its too op -1

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05.11.2017, 20:46
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RE: Zombie Class
This just so useless, it would be used to save a high ks, negative.
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10.11.2017, 10:45
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RE: Zombie Class
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