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The Admin Rules.
07.12.2017, 12:09 (This post was last modified: 07.12.2017 15:42 by Rainbow.)
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The Admin Rules.
It's draft only.
The Admin Rules

1. General Rules and Conditions

1.1. The current rules will start working since Xth December 2017.
1.2. By applying to moderator applications or having admin rank more than 0 level, you automatically agree to this rules.
1.3. All rules are listed here. The rules can be added, edited, removed. All rules changes will be listed here with an indication of time and action.
1.4. Any other rule sources are invalid and punishment can be appealed. Any other punishments which differ from here can be appealed.
1.3. Current rank hierarchy: Moderator(1 level)/Adminstrator(2 level)/Lead Adminstrator(3 level)/Manager(4 level)/Owner(5 level).
1.5. Admin/Staff is who has more than 0 lvl.
1.6. All rules are the same for every staff regardless to the admin level.
1.7. The rules cannot be applied to the player which got a permission of the current owners for certain rule-break for certain purpose in certain time.

2. Admin Activity

2.1. Only for the game time.
2.2. Depending on playtime, every admin gets WAC(Week Activity Coefficient). WAC shows admin's activity during a week. There are 4 types of activity: Inactivity, Low Activity, Medium Activity, High Activity.
2.3. If you have got 2 subsequent and more WAC which is "Inactivity", you can get Verbal Warn/Warning or fired because of your inactivity.

3. Punishment System

3.1. Punishment Types:
Verbal Warning - Note - Warning - Demotion - Dismissal(+Ban/Account Reset)
3.2. Verbal Warning is not even a warning, it's just a tip how admin should do in the right way and avoid this in the future.
3.3. Note is for small violations.
3.4. Warning/Demotion is for violations.
3.4. Dismissal is for great violations.
3.5. Admin's account can be banned/reset if he has abused only cmds like /kick, /tban, /ban. In other cases it cannot be applied.
3.6. 2 valid notes lead to warning. 2 valid warning lead to firing.
3.7. Time...

3. Promotion and Demotion

3.1. All promotions/demotions/hiring/dismissal should be public and should be posted here.
3.2. You may be promoted:
1. If you was promoted more than 14 days ago.
2. You didn't get any warnings at this period.
3. You had time and day activity more than low.
4. Time Expiry...
5. You may not be promoted to some ranks even if you meet all this conditions. ...

4. Inactivity Issues

4. Game Process

5. You are allowed to do:

6. Other:
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