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[ACCEPTED] RuthlesS is back !
10.01.2018, 17:36
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RuthlesS is back !
In-Game Name: RuthlesS
Country: Poland !
Timezone (GMT): +1
Age: Dont ask about this Big Grin 26

How long ago did you resign from the staff team?: i guess 5 months

Have you ever been warned or banned in-game? since resigning from the staff team? If so, explain why: Generally no because i dont count such incidents like wrong ban antihack etc.

Have you recently been forum warned or banned? If so, why (last 2 months):ofc no ! I am polite Angel

Do you understand that you can be removed from the admin team at anytime with or without notice Could you repeat that? yes

Have you ever been reported on the forums or in-game: as above.No

Why did you choose to resign from the staff team? (50 words min.): In my opinion i was too inactive.I didnt want be useless with low activity.I am not "hungry of power" and when i saw that i cannot be enough activity i resigned.In those days it was enough active and also experienced admins so with a clear conscience i could left game.It was some time ago some things changed some people left game and i noticed that i can be helpfull again.

Why do you wish to reinstate? (50 word min.): Like i started say.Then there was a lot active admins.I started play two weeks ago and i noticed problem.Problem with cheaters ( i dont mean about noobs with airbreak but problem with real cheater who work "anonymous") and admins became not enough activity.I cannot look at on this thats why i wanna come back.I cannot promise that i will be active like old days but i should be enough active like 2-3 hours every day and also i can promise that as always i will be responsible and with full care i will do my job.

Do you wish to be re-instated as an admin (please only include if you were previously an admin/mod on SAMPDM) Yes please because i can be more effective and helpfull.
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14.01.2018, 14:30
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RE: RuthlesS is back !

*Dear Old Member of the community, due to your great job done before as a member of the staff team, your Reinstatement has been: Accepted, you will initially start serving as a Moderator (lvl 2).
Make sure to check out our staff orientations and regulations before you get started.
~Welcome Back.

Best Regards,
Management Team

[Image: ZbNtOz0.png]
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