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Aqua Tunel
13.01.2018, 01:26
Post: #1
Aqua Tunel
[Image: sLv6Vw0.png]

Map name: Aqua Tunel
Your Accound ID: 40

Map Info...
Spoiler :

Weather= 17

[Checkpoint Data]
CPx= -2681.354003
CPy= 2063.795898
CPz= 3.334000

[Camera Date]
CameraX= -2681.688964
CameraY= 2041.521972
CameraZ= 9.697999

ToX= 0
ToY= 76
ToZ= 262

[Spawn Data]
HumanSpawnX= -2678.676757
HumanSpawnY= 1595.970703
HumanSpawnZ= 3.223000
HumanSpawnA= 0

HumanSpawnX2= -2673.722656
HumanSpawnY2= 1598.010742
HumanSpawnZ2= 3.223000
HumanSpawnA2= 0

HumanSpawnX3= -2672.705078
HumanSpawnY3= 1592.027343
HumanSpawnZ3= 3.223000
HumanSpawnA3= 0

HumanSpawnX4= -2689.717773
HumanSpawnY4= 1597.338867
HumanSpawnZ4= 3.223000

ZombieSpawnX= -2717.714843
ZombieSpawnY= 1701.327148
ZombieSpawnZ= 4.934999
ZombieSpawnA= 270

ZombieSpawnX2= -2715.885742
ZombieSpawnY2= 1821.586914
ZombieSpawnZ2= 4.039000
ZombieSpawnA2= 270

ZombieSpawnX3= -2676.272460
ZombieSpawnY3= 1932.507812
ZombieSpawnZ3= 3.223000
ZombieSpawnA3= 0

ZombieSpawnX4= 2693.315917
ZombieSpawnY4= 2047.376953
ZombieSpawnZ4= 5.011000
ZombieSpawnA4= 270


Spoiler :

[Image: dNKhm2C.png]

[Image: s0gJLk0.png]

[Image: 94ukwXV.png]

[Image: Pkx3Ob8.png]

[Image: lG1Ipxh.png]

[Image: Tulpgyh.png]

[Image: SWLkKyU.png]

[Image: C58ZZtK.png]

[Image: pc7IK6q.png]

[Image: jUgarAt.png]
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13.01.2018, 22:25
Post: #2
RE: Aqua Tunel
I personally don't like maps with too many of those pipes and containers it just makes humans camp on them all round long, people with anti-seeker will survive, people with immunity will survive.

Apart from the pipes and containers the map itself looks a bit open too, not sure if you can make it out of the water if you fall in it or get knocked back into it by a VIP ?

If it's possible to camp on those red bridge parts which I'm not sure off this map will be even worse if some engineers are playing and you have a bunch of humans camping up in the sky there.

There are many current maps that are way worse than this map though This one could easily replace a map like ''Apollo Escape'' ''Lights,Camera,Action ! '' and maps like ''Airport'' and ''Black Desert'' that are just ridiculously open.

This one isn't bad, it's not good either I would say it's decent just too many camping spots for the humans that are hard to reach as zombie.

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: 493ks.png]
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